Monday, March 27, 2017

Fake News from the Anti-Trump Media

From The Federalist, a list of stories, virtually all negative about Donald Trump, from mainstream outlets that have turned out to be bogus. We will just list them, and you can read about them as you wish:
  • Early November: Spike in Transgender Suicide Rates
  • November 22: The Tri-State Election Hacking Conspiracy Theory
  • December 1: The 27-Cent Foreclosure
  • January 20: Nancy Sinatra’s Complaints about the Inaugural Ball
  • January 20: The Nonexistent Climate Change Website ‘Purge’
  • January 20: The Great MLK Jr. Bust Controversy
  • January 20: Betsy DeVos, Grizzly Fighter
  • January 26: The ‘Resignations’ At the State Department
  • January 27: The Photoshopped Hands Affair
  • January 29: The Reuters Account Hoax
  • January 31: The White House-SCOTUS Twitter Mistake
  • January 31: The Big Travel Ban Lie
  • February 1: POTUS Threatens to Invade Mexico
  • February 2: Easing the Russian Sanctions
  • February 2: Renaming Black History Month
  • February 2: The House of Representatives’ Gun Control Measures
The concept “fake news” came into currency during last year’s election, mostly used by liberal media to condemn stories that favored Donald Trump. And a good number of genuinely fake stories, apparently intended a click bait, did appear.

But the cudgel has been turned on the liberal media, and the alternative conservative media (such as The Federalist) has scrutinized the liberal outlets.

One of Donald Trump’s “achievements” (if you want to call it that) is to excite such hostility and even rage in the liberal mainstream media that they create stories as wild and irresponsible as Trump’s own worst pronouncements.

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