Friday, October 21, 2016

Militant Students Defend Vandalism of Pro-Life Display at Marquette

The vandalism of a pro-life display at Marquette, lamented by the Young Americans for Freedom on their Facebook page, has attracted support from several people, who have defended the vandalism, and attacked the Young Americans for Freedom in vile terms in comments following the post.

This is a window into the virulent bigotry of the politically correct left on campus.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Really Stupid Attack on Trump

So Donald Trump won’t say that he accepts the outcome of the 2016 election.

The liberals have gone berserk. The New York Times huffed and puffed about “Donald Trump’s Contempt for Democracy.”

But of course, if leftists claim that an election outcome is illegitimate because it was “bought” by “monied interests,” these same people have no problem with that.

Wisconsin leftists, for example, have blamed the Koch brothers for pretty much every election they have lost in the past few years.

And of course, a lot of liberals said Bush as not legitimately elected in 2000. “Selected not elected” they said. Was that an attack on democracy? No, it was just an opinion about the election. If Trump goes around saying that the election was unfairly “fixed” for Hillary, that’s his right. Only if he recruits troops and stages a revolt is there any threat to democracy.


Who was one of the people saying George Bush was “selected not elected?”  Hillary Clinton.

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Welcome to the Club

GLENN MCCOY © Belleville News-Democrat. Dist. By UNIVERSAL UCLICK. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Members of Feminist Group “Empowerment” Vandalized Anti-Abortion Display

A Marquette female student has told a reporter that she “tagged along” with members of the feminist group “Empowerment” as they vandalized the anti-abortion display of Marquette For Life last week.

There is no indication that it was any sort of official group activity.

But it does raise the question as to whether the group, which strongly advocates for abortion, should be a recognized student group.

Empowerment, in the wake of the vandalism, issued an official statement essentially condoning the vandalism, and making it clear that they had tried, through official university channels, to shut down the display. Apparently, in frustration, they resorted to direct action.

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Marquette Student Activist on the Intolerant Left, Campus Free Speech

Again, it’s Allison Kazalski, President of the Marquette Chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom, discussing intolerance in academia, and especially the vandalizing of an anti-abortion display on campus. This from the Vicki McKenna show on WIBA, Madison.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Vandalized Anti-Abortion Display at Marquette: Student Activist Speaks

On the Mitch Henck show out of Madison: Allison Kazalski, President of the Marquette Chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom, discussing the recent vandalism of an anti-abortion display on campus.

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Weathering the Storm

“Empowerment:” Intolerant Marquette Feminists Want to Ban Anti-Abortion Speech

As a Political Science student and the Marquette College Democrats went to Facebook to endorse the vandalizing of an anti-abortion display at the university, the feminist group Empowerment issued a statement on the incident.

At first, it seemed to reject the vandalism. It stated:
Firstly, Empowerment does not condone the defacement of property and acknowledges the need for respectful discussion wherever such polarizing opinions are expressed.
OK, fair enough. But then it goes on:
Secondly, Empowerment stands in support of women’s right to choose and access to safe and legal abortion free from violence and intimidation. . . . Empowerment works to create and uplift a community of students that support one another in their personal and academic growth. At the core of this community is a deep respect and appreciation for our differing beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures. Empowerment is devoted to listening and amplifying narratives, especially those which have been strategically marginalized by oppressive institutions. We work to understand what this system has done (and continues to do) to the structures we inhabit, how we can make a difference, and ultimately, how we can heal together.
The hypocrisy here is stunning. As we will see, a “narrative” these women do not respect is opposition to abortion. As for “those which have been strategically marginalized by oppressive institutions,” it has been those who oppose abortion that have been marginalized by powerful institutions such as government, the mass media, the educational system, and organizations like Empowerment.

It goes on:
The “Memorial of the Unborn” is a display which directly undermines this healing by further stigmatizing abortion. Rather than fostering discussion and understanding, the display is damaging to the mental health of students and a disturbing act of public shaming.
So “healing” means coming to accept that abortion is OK. In other words, for Empowerment, “healing” means that people who disagree with them need to shut up.

The rhetoric about “shaming” is equally hypocritical. The leftists will happily shame people for any expression they think is racist, shame males for being part of a “rape culture” (regardless of whether a particular male would even think of raping any woman) and shame whites for their “white privilege.”

But don’t dare shame women who might have an abortion.

And of course, facing different opinions about abortion damages women’s “mental health!” Obviously, college needs to protect students from different opinions, in order to protect their mental health.

But it then gets downright bizarre:
In the past, students at Marquette have complained to university administration regarding the harmful nature of the display, which, until this year, employed crosses to emulate a “fetus graveyard.” The shift to pink and blue-gendered flags offers no recompense to those interested in human rights and, rather, demonstrates the harmful and misguided conflation of sex and gender and promotion of the gender binary.
That’s right. Marquette For Life is not on board with the transgender agenda! But then, neither is the Catholic Church. Heaven help us if students at a Catholic university should agree with the Church on gender theory.

Complaining About Speech

But note the “complained to the university” statement. Students at Marquette have complained that a student group is allowed to promote a political position with which they disagree.

But it goes further:
This year, several students submitted official complaints through university avenues. Student activists also demonstrated briefly in front of the display on Thursday, mounting their own signs on top of Marquette for Life’s. To these activists and all those dissenters of policies and institutional stances that privilege oppressive narratives over your very existence, Empowerment says:

Your pain and anger is valid. We are here for you. We support you.

Do not listen when people tell you to be more tolerant of other’s intolerance.
Thus they are condoning the vandalism, by supporting the covering over of the anti-abortion message of Marquette for Life. It seems “defacement of property” is something they really don’t mind.

The notion that one should be “intolerant of intolerance” is a staple on the politically correct left. Of course, the entire formulation is oxymoronic, since the people who say it are themselves admittedly intolerant, and thus have no right to expect tolerance from others.

Just as bad is their notion that they are the only ones authorized to decide who is “intolerant,” and shut up those they believe to be so.

Likewise, the notion that one’s “existence” is threatened if somebody disapproves of your opinions or actions is also part of the repertoire of politically correct leftists. Do they actually think they will disappear in a cloud of smoke if they hear opinions they disagree with?

Gross Intolerance

Submitting “official complains through university avenues” means, quite simply, they were asking Marquette to shut up the pro-life demonstration. Empowerment, in fact, is every bit as intolerant as the students who vandalized the display (or perhaps, some of their members were the people who vandalized the display).

A substantial number of students (and faculty) at this “Catholic university” are not only hostile to the Catholic position of abortion, they are actively trying to shut up its expression.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vandalized Pro-Life Display: Student Group Speaks Out

Reacting to the defacing of an anti-abortion display on campus, a campus student group (Young Americans for Freedom) has issued this statement:

Self-proclaimed Feminist Students Deface Pro-Life Memorial at Marquette

College Democrats of Marquette condone act, Conservative students respond

Milwaukee, WI - Self-proclaimed feminist students sabotaged a display on Marquette University’s campus memorializing the millions of babies killed through abortion. The culprits placed several signs covering the information about the memorial. The signs stated things such as: “My Body, My Freedom”, “Stop the hypocrisy, care for women’s reproductive rights”, “68,000 women die from unsafe abortions every year”, and other variations of pro-choice arguments. Coat hangers were also scattered around the memorial.

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Marquette responded with the following statement: Young Americans for Freedom at Marquette University is extremely saddened that the Students for Life memorial was defaced by certain students intolerant of an opinion that they do not agree with. It is extremely hypocritical to claim that you are exercising your free speech rights through defacement while simultaneously trying to shut down the free speech of a student organization.

The act was so egregious, Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Xavier Cole, sent an email to the Marquette community condemning the defacement. He wrote, “Let me be extremely clear. Defacement is not dialogue.” He then goes on to say that Marquette values all opinions on specific matters, but that there needs to be dialogue and productive discussion on such differences.

For its part, the Catholic university refused to defend the pro-life students and the dignity of the unborn. As Dr. Cole wrote, Marquette’s mission requires the respect and dignity of all individuals. The Young Americans for Freedom – Marquette call on President Michael Lovell and the University to stand up to both the vandalism and the unborn. With this act, liberals made clear: conservatives and the unborn are not safe in the space of a university.

While many students are upset over the defacement of the memorial and infringement of Marquette for Life’s freedom of speech, a student organization took to social media to praise the vandalism committed by the students. Marquette University College Democrats tweeted and posted on their Facebook page that they were proud of the feminists. “We love and support you!” they wrote.

# # #

About the pro-life memorial:

Every year, Marquette for Life celebrates “pro-life week” by creating a memorial for the millions of the unborn killed in America each year. Flags are planted in the ground to represent the lives lost through abortion every year (1 flag = 1,000 babies aborted). The memorial was approved by the school. On Thursday, students defaced the memorial by vandalizing the sign which explains what the flags represent.


Young Americans for Freedom at Marquette University

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Anti-Abortion Display Defaced at Marquette

It’s the sort of thing we have seen on a lot of campuses, and now it has come to Marquette. An anti-abortion display, approved by Marquette Student Affairs officials, has been defaced. From Facebook:

The Marquette Wire (official student online paper) covered the story here.

Notice a blatant example of journalistic bias: a defacing of a display is described as a “counter demonstration.”

Marquette issued a statement condemning the defacing of the display. It says (in part):
Let me be extremely clear. Defacement is not dialogue.

Respectful discussion and even dissent is best done face to face. Our issue does not lie in the expression of varying viewpoints, but rather in the way that this was handled. Our mission is grounded in respecting the dignity of all individuals and being inclusive of multiple perspectives. Inclusivity by its very nature begins with respect.

The Marquette For Life group’s display was submitted and approved in advance, as is standard procedure for any display that appears on university property. We are working with our students to make sure their promotions on campus continue.

Brazen Intolerance

What is stunning about this is not merely that it was done (which is bad enough), but that campus leftists are bragging about having done it, and voicing their approval on Facebook.

One student (in Political Science) posted an apparent confession, calling it “our response” to the display, and lauding her “feminist peers.” At the moment, her post has 88 “likes.”

Worse, the College Democrats approved of the vandalism, saying “Keep fighting the good fight, Marquette feminists.”

But the issue is: will Marquette discipline the students who did this?

Given the craven way that Marquette has reacted to the Social Justice Warriors in the past, we have our doubts. The people who did this have probably calculated, correctly, that they will receive a slap on the wrist, at most. But this is a direct attack on free expression on campus.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Key Primary Source: Hillary’s Secret Speeches

A certain person (whom we will not identify) has been bugging us about which journalistic sources are reliable in describing the highly paid secret speeches of Hillary Clinton. So we have resorted to digging out the primary source.

And here it is.

And yes, it’s as damning as the journalists have been saying.

In this key e-mail, staffer Tony Carrk says:

Attached are the flags from HRC’s paid speeches we have from HWA. I put some highlights below. There is a lot of policy positions that we should give an extra scrub with Policy.

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Still a Frog

GLENN MCCOY © Belleville News-Democrat. Dist. By UNIVERSAL UCLICK. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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Corny Puns


Sunday, October 02, 2016

You Haven’t Listened

The Presidential Choice this Year

From Jeff Jacoby:
WOULD YOU HIRE a babysitter who lied with impunity? Would you choose a therapist who was a compulsive braggart? Would you want as your accountant or financial adviser someone who trailed the reek of corruption and bottomless avarice? Would you list your home with a real-estate agent who routinely played fast and loose with rules that others must abide by? Would you attend the church of a pastor who spewed insults and threats and trafficked in delusional conspiracy theories?

If so, you’ll have no trouble supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.
Jacoby is supporting Gary Johnson, a claimed libertarian. We are unimpressed with him, since he seems none too sharp, and he’s not really a libertarian. He supports gay marriage, a policy that uses government power to force on the entire population the moral judgment that gay unions are as legitimate as straight ones.

A real libertarian would privatize marriage.

So we view him to be not as outrageously bad as Trump and Clinton, but still bad. This is a bad year for American democracy.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Clinton Sex Scandals and the Election

Hillary, Crime, Race and Policing

From Heather MacDonald at City Journal, written the day after the presidential debate: a fine grained debunking of the standard liberal cant on crime, race and policing. Some selected points (but read the whole thing):
Hillary Clinton repeated her incessant lie last night that the criminal justice system is infected with “systemic racism.” Race “determines” how people are “treated in the criminal justice system,” she said. Blacks are “more likely [than whites] to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated” for “doing the same thing.” Such a dangerous falsehood, should Clinton act on it as president, would result not just in misguided policies but in the continued delegitimation of the criminal justice system. That delegitimation, with its attendant hostility and aggression toward police officers, has already produced the largest one-year surge in homicides in urban areas in nearly a half-century.

Criminologists have tried for decades to prove that the overrepresentation of blacks in prison is due to criminal-justice racism. They have always come up short. They have been forced to the same conclusion as Michael Tonry in his book, Malign Neglect: “Racial differences in patterns of offending, not racial bias by police and other officials, are the principal reason that such greater proportions of blacks than whites are arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned,” Tonry wrote. In 1997, criminologists Robert Sampson and Janet Lauritsen reviewed the massive literature on charging and sentencing. They found overwhelming evidence establishing that “large racial differences in criminal offending,” not racism, explained why more blacks were in prison proportionately than whites and for longer terms.

To say, as Clinton did last night, that blacks are more likely to be incarcerated for doing the same thing as whites ignores the relevance of a defendant’s criminal history in determining his sentence, among other crucial sentencing factors. Just last week, an analysis of Delaware’s prison population presented to the Delaware Access to Justice Commission’s Committee on Fairness in the Criminal Justice System revealed that when juvenile and adult criminal records are taken into account, along with arrest charges and age, racial disparities in sentencing decisions are negligible to nonexistent.
Clinton claimed that “stop-and-frisk was found to be unconstitutional.” No federal judge would have the power to declare pedestrian stops unconstitutional, because the Supreme Court put its constitutional imprimatur on the practice in 1965. Stop-and-frisk remains a lawful and essential police tactic. Criminologist David Weisburd examined the practice in New York City and found that it reduced crime in shooting hot spots. Federal district court judge Shira Scheindlin did rule that the New York Police Department’s practice of stops was racially biased, but her ruling applied only to the New York Police Department. That ruling was wholly unjustified and would likely have been reversed on appeal, had newly elected New York City mayor Bill de Blasio not dropped the appeal. Judge Scheindlin used a population benchmark for measuring the lawfulness of police actions: if police stops didn’t match population ratios, they were unconstitutional, in Scheindlin’s view. Such a methodology ignores the massive disparities in criminal offending in New York City. Blacks commit over three-quarters of all shootings, though they are 23 percent of the city’s population. Add Hispanic shootings to black shootings and you account for 98 percent of all shootings in New York City. Whites are 34 percent of the city’s population; they commit less than 2 percent of all shootings. Such disparities in gun violence mean that virtually every time the police are called out on a gun run—meaning that someone has been shot—they are called to minority neighborhoods on behalf of minority victims, and, if any witness or victim is cooperating with the police, being given a description of a minority suspect. The reality of crime, not phantom police racism, determines the incidence of police activity, including pedestrian stops.
Homicides and shootings in New York City rose 20 percent in the first half of 2015, thanks to the Scheindlin-induced drop in pedestrian stops. Then-police commissioner William Bratton responded with a massive deployment of overtime manpower to high-crime corners; officers used “command presence”—i.e., their mere presence on the street—to deter criminal behavior. This roll-out of manpower resources quelled the shooting spike and New York City ended 2015 with a 6 percent homicide increase. Other departments do not have the personnel available to them to make up for a drop in proactive policing.

Donald Trump is right to warn about depolicing and what I have called the Ferguson Effect. “Right now, our police, in many cases, are afraid to do anything,” he said. The result is a massive loss of black lives in places like Chicago and Baltimore. Law and order are breaking down in inner cities; officers are surrounded by hostile, jeering crowds when they get out of their squad cars to conduct an investigation. Resistance to arrest is up, increasing the chances of an officer’s own use of force. And race riots are returning to American cities. The current mendacious narrative about policing and race has to change or we can expect to see further violent-crime increases and further racial violence. It is clear, however, that Hillary Clinton will continue to enflame racial tensions through a set of lies about the criminal-justice system.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jumping to Conclusions

Warrior Blogger Awarded for Being “Unintimidated”

On Wisconsin Watchdog, an article about an award we will be getting Friday night. Some selected quotes:
Embattled Marquette University Professor John McAdams will be receiving the inaugural “Unintimidated Award” at the annual RightWisconsin dinner Friday for standing up to the administration at Marquette University and refusing to apologize for criticizing another instructor’s shutting down of free speech.

“Well, it’s nice,” McAdams said in an interview. “I’d rather be back teaching at Marquette than getting an award, but it’s nice.”

. . .

“I’m actually there with important people,” McAdams said, “while I’m getting an award for offending Marquette administrators.”

. . .

“The secular people always said, Catholic institutions are very parochial. I think there is a kind of parochialism. But it’s parochialism in the service of a secular politically correct agenda, not a Catholic agenda,” McAdams said.

And he took issue with the university president’s conception of the university’s purpose.

“Michael Lovell said I have done something contrary to Marquette’s guiding principles. I think he really believes that,” McAdams said. “I think he believes the guiding value is everything is nice and cozy, and no one criticizes anyone. That is a tremendously parochial notion of what a university should be.”
We are looking forward to it. We even have the tux ordered.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Racist Cops Wildly Gunning Down Innocent Blacks?